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Humanoid that lived 6 million years ago walked on all fours and may be closer to chimps than humans

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A new report challenges the theory that Sahelanthropus tchadensis, a hominid that lived more than 6 million years ago, was our earliest known human ancestor.

French paleontologists uncovered a Sahelanthropus in Chad almost two decades ago. 

Nicknaming it ‘Toumai,’ they heralded the creature as an early biped — with a skull indicating it had an erect spine. 

But a new report suggests Toumai is just an ancient primate, more closely related to a chimpanzee than a human. 

Researchers are basing their claim on the shape of femur that they say belongs to Toumi.

They maintain thigh bone, curved like an apes, was intentionally left unexamined, because it would have discredited the theory he walked on two feet. 

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French paleontologist Michel Brunet discovered remains belonging to Sahelanthropus tchadensis in northern Chad in 2001. Brunet maintains the creature, dubbed 'Toumai,' walked on two legs more than 6 million years ago and is humanity's oldest known ancestor

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